Crime rates in Ghana show Ghana has been cursed under this gov’t-NDC Man

A communication team member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Eric Sosu, has expressed worry over the increasing rate of murder cases and other criminal activities in Ghana.

He is claiming that the incidents happening makes it look as if Ghana is cursed and under a spell under this administration.

Mr. Sosu stated that the criminal activities ongoing now are one too many and must be investigated and dealt with.

The communicator and politician appearing on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm were worried if the issues of crime are addressed, Ghanaians will continue to live in dear.

To him, he does not know if God has abandoned and cursed us for something our leaders have done.

He said the current leadership we have in Ghana are incompetent and lost direction in managing the country.

He posited that if you intimidate people because of power, a time will come when you will account for it.

He added if you use your power for parochial interest, you will certainly account for it.

He is also asking the government to intensify security in the country to help deal with all forms of criminal activities.

He advised Ghanaians to volunteer information to the security agencies to help crackdown on criminals in the country.

He was reacting to the serial murders in Abesim in Sunyani.
Be described the incident as gruesome and asked the security agencies to deal ruthlessly with the suspect involved.


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