COVID-19: Years ahead will be challenging so keep NPP in Power-Ofori-Atta

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta has opined that the ‘Covid-19 pandemic is far more than a financial crisis and Ghana has not been spared.

He said the government will not be daunted by the outbreak of the coronavirus due to the measures adopted by the government.

Ghanaians he suggested must adjust to the outbreak since it is here to stay.

He added that 2020 and beyond will be challenging following the outbreak of the virus hence Ghana needs a competent government to safeguard jobs.

This to him can only be possible with the NPP in power because they are better managers of the economy.

The response from the government he explained has been mainly on protecting lives, jobs and maintaining a strong economy.

He says a 100 billion program will be launched by the President to revitalize the economy due to the impact of covid-19. He continues that it is government’s responsibility to roll out a plan that will steer the nation from the expected recession.

”2020 and beyond will be challenging and therefore Ghana needs a courageous leader for the next four years to role out competent economy management.”

The NPP he posited are better manager of the economy.

“COVID19 pandemic is far more than a crisis and Ghana’s economy hasn’t been spared. We must not and will not be daunted by this crisis. Government will continue to do what it has to do and that’s supporting lives and livelihoods of Ghanaians and we are up to the task,” the Finance Minister said Thursday when he presented the mid-year budget review to Parliament.

The Finance Minister added “the predicted, long lasting effects of this pandemic suggests that 2020 and beyond will be difficult. Ghana will therefore need a courageous and competent government. We have proved, over time, that we are better managers of the economy.

“Let us be in no doubt that Africa is facing its first depression for 25 years, sadly after two decades of stable growth.”


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