Coronavirus will soon get here, we need to prepare-Noguchi warns

The Noguchi Memorial Institute has warned Ghana will soon record the deadly coronavirus hence the need for us to put in proper measures to manage the situation.

Professor William Ampofo who works at the facility said it would be difficult to prevent the virus from entering the country no matter how long it takes.

He explained that it’s difficult to prevent respiratory viral infections from entering the country.

He said we should not beat around the bush because the respiratory pathogen will soon get here.

He said although we have improved our capacity as a country to look out for viruses and other infections, the coronavirus will soon get into Ghana.

He called on authorities to put in measures to build the capacity of Ghanaian health workers to manage the coronavirus when it gets into the country.

He has also called for enough resources to help the health authorities to manage any outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Health Service says all the nine suspected cases recorded in the country have tested negative.

As at 6th February, 2020, there has been 28,280 confirmed cases and 565 deaths globally.

The GHS in the statement assured the public efforts are underway to manage any potential outbreak.

“We wish to provide assurance to the people of Ghana that the Government, Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Service working in collaboration with partners are doing everything possible to prevent and protect against the importation of the virus into the country and prevent spread.”

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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