Community sentencing can help reduce crime rate-Lawyer

Lawyer Edmund Amarkwei, a Ghanaian legal practitioner based in the Gambia has stated that community sentencing can help reduce the crime rate in our country.

Lawyer Amarkwei explained that community sentencing will allow minor offenders to be punished through some communal labour rather than sentencing them to prison.

At a training for some media personnel at the Commonwealth Human Rights limitation workshop organized in Accra, Mr. Amarkwei posted that this will reduce the cost of expenditure the government spends on prison inmates.

He said this is aimed at reducing the 52% percent of criminal offenders in our prisons and to deter others from entering into our prisons.

The community sentencing will help enhance the skills of offenders to make them better people after serving.

He further explained that the “plea bargaining bill” which is to be passed by parliament will help in easy investigation and sentencing.

By: Daniel Asuku/

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