Claims that merchant SIMS will be charged E-Levy false- GRA

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has clarified that the news circulating on social media that starting July 1, merchant SIMs will be charged the E-levy are untrue.

The GRA explained that per the legal framework governing the operation of the e-levy – Electronic Transfer Levy Act, 2022 (Act 1075) – merchant SIMs registered with the GRA for the purposes of Income Tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) will not be affected by e-levy charges.

“Customers making payments to such specified merchants will NOT be charged the E-Levy,” the GRA stated.

“The general public should note that E-Levy is NOT charged on merchant SIMs, as is being purported. The E-Levy is only charged on a transfer from a customer to a Specified Merchant if the merchant is NOT registered with GRA for Income Tax or VAT purposes,” it said.

The GRA also refuted claims that suggest cash-ins or deposits made through a merchant or vendor will attract e-levy.

“The E-Levy does not apply to Cash-Outs/cash withdrawals and Cash-Ins/cash deposits either at the bank or at a mobile money agent/vendor point. This means that Cash-Ins or deposits do not attract E-Levy and customers are NOT to pay any amount as E-Levy at a mobile money agent/vendor point.”


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