Chief of Oblieman uses upcoming Homowo festival to woo investors

Chief of Oblieman, who doubles as Civtek International for Africa, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka has spoken about how he is leading the community to observe this year’s Homowo in the grandest style.

Nii Oyanka was addressing the media at his palace when he informed of a five million dollar investment is pending with his partners abroad to contribute to development in Ghana.

The former professional footballer believes the youth will only allow themselves to be used for evil deeds when they are jobless.

In this regard, he has always admonished the young ones to try specializing in some trade.

This wise, they stand the merit of ceasing opportunities and contribute to building a preferred society.

It is recalled that Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka was attacked at his Oblieman Oblieman at gunpoint, but he calms the storm, giving assurance of full security in a sound community as ever. “We want all and sundry to come home to a Homowo like never before.

The safety of each attending is well assured so we can have fun together”, he reiterated.

Nii Oyanka continuing his address following the questions put him reminded, festivals are a way of preserving heritage and culture that has nothing to do with idolatry whatsoever.

Meanwhile, he said the one who is up against him is a known face riding on the wings some political parties to cause unnecessary tension.

Kingmaker, Nii Okang Osanhene IV said annual festivals have ever existed before the inception of religion based on which some try to bedevil it. Festival and cultures help a people trace and maintain their roots for generation, he added.

By: Daniel Asuku

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