Call KT Hammond to order-PPP to Prez

Divine Nkrumah, the Youth Coordinator of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has taken K.T Hammond to the cleaners over comments he made in reference to the heavy security personnel sent Ketu South municipality so as to stop Togolese nationals there from taking part in the voter registration exercise.

The legislator has come under attacks for justifying reasons why the military, were sent to the Volta region ahead of the exercise.

Speaking to the media on the issue, Mr Hammond disclosed that: “The Togolese and the Voltarians – when I talk about Voltarians, the Volta Region – remember the history … basically the same tribe, so, they walk into [Ghana] but they are not Ghanaians”.

“When they walk in there, they can do whatever they [want], so, I guess that is the reason for that [military influx]”.

“There is a classic example”, he recalled. “You remember 2008, the second round; we had so much – 100,000 or so votes leading Prof Mills at the time of the second round. In the next round, one constituency, Ketu South, cleared all the [votes] we had. Where did they come from?” he asked.

“You see, so, everybody from wherever they came to vote, so, this is what the whole thing is about; 35,000 people at the time voted; the next one, everybody on earth voted there; where were they coming from?

“So, this is the whole issue: we want there to be sanity”, he added, noting: “The military is there to make sure that you vote if you are a Ghanaian, you vote if you have the constitutional right to vote; that’s all there is to it”, he said.

“They [military personnel] are not electoral officers, but they are a peacekeeping force … So, the soldiers, the police and immigration are just maintaining the peace, making sure there’s no infiltration. I mean, come on, let’s be serious; what’s the point in going through all that we’ve gone through, to the Supreme Court and all that then allow a porous border for people to come through and then infiltrate the register again? We would have been back to where we started”.

But reacting to the comments, Divine Nkrumah asked President Akufo-Addo to immediately call the MP to order over his unfortunate comment.

The comments to him are a threat to national unity and security.

The NPP as a party he added must disassociate itself from the comments made by KT Hammond or it will will sound as if they approved of it.

Mr. Nkrumah said such reckless comments must not be entertained in any shape or form.


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