Building the Cathedral is like a father who’ve failed to pay fees but gives Ghc10k during harvest- Economist

Chartered economist Emmanuel Amoah Darkwah has likened the decision by the National Cathedral to a man who has failed to pay his wards’ fees but gives the church Ghc10,000 during harvest.

Reacting to the concerns raised over whether the construction of the cathedral was capital intensive, he said the government had not provided enough communication to justify that assertion.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said we have not been able to verify some of these claims, so it makes it difficult to respond to such questions.

In his view, what has gone with respect to procurement is a problem, and when you hear of some of these things, you become worried.

He said ”if you want to do something and you don’t do it right, it becomes troubling”.

He said although the government has told us there is some tourism potential relating to the project, it begs to ask if the timing for the project was appropriate.

”Building the Cathedral can be likened to a father who has not his wards fees but gives the church Ghc10,000 during harvest. When you do that, your wife will even refuse to give you food and slap you. We have to get our priorities right. We are in times where we can hold on with some of these decisions.”

He said there are a lot of physical bottlenecks we are facing now. We admit that the Cathedral could be of help. But how do we balance the two considering the times we are in. We could put it on hold,” he added.

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