Britain records 6,634 more coronavirus cases-highest EVER increase

Britain today recorded 6,634 more cases of coronavirus and 40 deaths as figures show infections have doubled in a week.

Yvonne Doyle, Public Health England’s medical director, confirmed the rise in infections and deaths after the Government’s Covid-19 dashboard went down with technical difficulties this afternoon.

Today’s record-high daily cases take the total infection toll to 416,363, although millions of Brits went undiagnosed during the first wave of the pandemic due the government’s lacklustre testing regime. Top experts say more than 100,000 people were actually catching the virus every day during the darkest days of the first wave.

The 6,634 new infections in the last 24 hours mark a twofold rise compared to last Thursday, when 3,395 people were diagnosed with the disease. Yesterday saw another 6,178 infections recorded and there were just shy of 5,000 new cases on Tuesday.

Professor Doyle said the trend was a ‘stark warning for us all’. She added: ‘The signals are clear. Positivity rates are rising across all age groups and we’re continuing to see spikes in rates of admission to hospital and critical care. We must all follow the new measures that have been bought in to help control the virus and download the new NHS Covid-19 App which is the fastest way of knowing when you’re at risk.’

Infections were squashed below 1,000 from late June until early August following the draconian lockdown in spring, but Covid-19 cases have been on the rise ever since due to fraying adherence to new, and often inconsistent, social distancing rules.

The death toll now stands at 41,902, and Government figures show fatalities are finally rising in line with cases, which began to spiral earlier this month. On average, 28 Britons are now succumbing to the illness each day, more than double the rate of 13 last week. It had dropped to a low of seven at the start of September.   

Test and Trace figures released today also revealed the number of positive cases has now plateaued, after almost doubling the week before. More than 19,000 infected patients were transferred to the system in the week ending September 16, up just 3 per cent on the 18,770 in the previous seven-day spell — which was up on the 10,491 from the week before that. 

It comes as Rishi Sunak today announced a wave of new measures designed to keep the UK economy afloat over the winter months as the Chancellor pinned his hopes of avoiding massive job losses on a wage subsidy scheme which will replace furlough. Mr Sunak’s new Jobs Support Scheme will see the Government top up the pay of people who can only work part-time in ‘viable jobs’. 


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