Bribery allegation against judge offensive, MPs behaviour terrible-GBA

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) has condemned unreservedly the mayhem that occurred in Parliament during the election of the Speaker of Parliament.

The GBA is a statement described the incident as worrying saying the act of the MPs amounted to misconduct.

“The GBA finds it worrying that some elected representatives of Ghanaians would engage in such acts of misconduct and bring the Parliament of Ghana into disrepute.

The actions of the Members of Parliament are a blight on the democratic credentials
of Ghana, which is a shining example on the African continent. It is the expectation of the GBA that there will be no such chaotic and disorderly scenes in Parliament in future, and that the Parliamentarians will always strive to safeguard Ghana’s democratic credentials.”

On the alleged bribery scandal against a Supreme Court judge stated that the allegation is offensive and

“They incite hatred among the public with regard to the Judges, expose them to ridicule, and put them into disrepute. Such allegations with respect to the Judiciary undermine the integrity of and erode public confidence in the justice delivery process, and may result in lawlessness.”


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