Breaking the 8 will be difficult due to the excruciating economic conditions of Ghanaians- NPP MP

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong has opined that the NPP party will lose miserably if elections were held today.

The Deputy Minister who is also the MP for Asante Mampong asserted that breaking the 8 mantra will not be easy because the excruciating economic situation is across the country.

“We said we are going to change destiny, we are going to change history. We want to break the eight (8). Today, this is in doubt, I will tell you honestly if there is an election today NPP will lose miserably. Red is red and black is black. I will say it and tell you as it is.

“I am on the ground, I know what is going on and hear what my constituents are saying and I know what they are saying out there in Accra, the middle class, lower class you name it. Today I’m talking about today’s matter. Today we have an uphill task, a big task,” the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister said while addressing party members recently.


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