Breaking the 8 is not by mouth but by your achievements- NPP told

Political analyst Samuel Boateng has asserted that breaking the 8-year-jinx propounded by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) should not be by mouth.

He says the ability or opportunity to stay in power beyond the constitutionally required years for any political party is based on sterling achievements and not slogans.

The ruling NPP has confidently stated that it would break the 8-year-jinx because it has performed exceptionally well.

President Akufo-Addo on several occasions expressed his desire to hand over power to another presidential candidate of the party.

But Samuel Boateng has asked the NPP not to tickle themselves and laugh.

He said the economic conditions in Ghana today, are terrible with every sector of the economy not working despite having ministers appointed for the various ministries.

He stated that governance must reflect the interests of the people and bring them development.

He said Ghanaians want to see a leader who is capable, competent, and ready to serve.

However, we are lacking such a leader in the current political space.

“The NPP wants to break the 8 but breaking the 8 is not by mouth. It is based on achievements and good governance, transformed lives and economic stability. Without these things, you will bring Nyankopon (God) as a candidate but you will lose miserably.”

He warned the NPP to take measures to address the concerns of Ghanaians and to prevent the party from humiliation in 2024.


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