Brayan Acheampong Foundation (BAF) YIA Programme Launched

Bryan Acheampong Foundation(BAF) has launched its 2019 Youth in Apprenticeship (YIA) programme under the livelihood empowerment unit of the foundation in seamstressing.

The livelihood empowerment manager at the foundation, Mr. Anthony Mankona explained that, Youth in Apprenticeship (YIA) has the potential to provide skills to young people especially those who are locked out of the main stream education.

“The apprenticeship training programme is promising avenue to deliver skill training to the youth”. Mr. Mankona reiterated.

In all, 10 youth were selected from four communities in the district to be trained in seamstressing which is fully sponsored by Brayan Acheampong Foundation(BAF).

The beneficiaries were provided with a BAF branded sewing machines, scissors, tape measure, threads, needles, grey bafta, office pins, tailors chalk, machine oil, specimen album, stools and cheq cheq materials for uniform, needed for their apprenticeship period.

BAF paid the customary fee of all the training period which span three years.

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