Bogoso explosion classical example of Ghanaians not prioritizing safety-ILAPI Boss

Executive Director of policy think tank Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation Peter Bismark Kwofie has opined that the explosion that occurred at Bogoso is a classical case of Ghanaians not prioritizing their safety.

Commenting on the incident that has claimed 17 lives and injured several others, Mr. Kwofie posited that a similar incident occurred at Asaman Kitoa and yet, there is no update in the matter and prosecution of offenders.

Mr. Kwofie said the issue would amount to nothing because what would be done is for our leaders to assure Ghanaians that an investigation would be conducted and the offenders prosecuted.

But what would rather happen os for them to investigate and recommend compensation for the affected persons and bereaved families.

Read his full opinion below

The Bogoso Explosion is a classical case that Ghanaians are not prioritizing safety. A similar explosion with almost same magnitude and damage occurred at Asaman Kitoa, around Nkurankan in the Eastern Region. It was also about explosives not well disposed off.

In Bogoso, it’s also about a car loaded with explosives tha involved in an accident. Scores of people are dead and others missing.

Safety is important ooooooo,

The next thing is to assure the public that investigation will start soon. Then the recommendation will be to compensate those that lost properties etc.

Case die.

Ghana Fire Service


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