Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the work of govt, but first, we need to build trust- Brantie

Global Strategy Director,mPEDIGREE, who also doubles as the Vice President IMANI Africa, Selorm Brantie, has admonished the government to take a keen interest in blockchain technology.

He stated that blockchain technology has the potential to transform government, but first, we need to build trust.

Speaking on the sidelines at the launch of Centre for Coin Liberty by the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, the tech expert said research has proven that the benefits of blockchain are not limited to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin but have the potential to transform government activities.

The technology he explained can offer new ways of organizing processes and handling information.

Several countries have applied the technology to a wide variety of functions and services, including land registration, educational credentialing, health care, procurement, food supply chains and identity management, among others.

He said despite these achievements, some countries, including Ghana, are monitoring to examine how the technology can achieve significant government transformation.

”We don’t need to rush but take our time and understand what benefits we stand to gain from the technology. Developing solutions for the public sector also requires a clear understanding of blockchain technology. It is therefore important for the government to engage with individuals with expertise and understanding in this area and tap into their experience and how the technology can help in the governance process”.

He further explained that realizing the potential of the technology requires a framework for technology design and implementation and legal backing for the technology.

He said we also need to start thinking first about areas where there is a need to improve social trust.

He was also of the view that we need to initiate pilot projects through the technology so Ghanaians will understand it properly before it is implemented nationwide.


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