Big Akwes is begging & crying that I forgive him after I sued him-Lil Win

Comedian Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lin Win has disclosed that the insults and attacks which were thrown at him by Big Akwes were for social media clicks.

The actor revealed that his colleague actor who recently took him to the cleaners for no apparent reason begged him to forgive him after he had threatened to go to court and reported the matter to the Police.

Big Akwes, had accused his colleague actor Lil Win, of killing the talents of other actors and actresses.

He alleged that Lil Win was evil and known widely in the movie industry as one who buries the talents of others, especially young actors and actresses.

In the video, Big Akwes said Lil Win’s evil mechanism works in a way that he targets rising actors and actresses, and as soon as he features them in a movie, their end in the movie industry comes.

Lil Win reacting on the issue said, he does not allow stupidity to affect his brand and so, he felt the need to report the incident to the Police.

According to him, Big Akwes was invited by the Police for questioning.

He claimed that Big Akwes after interrogation confessed to him [Lil Win] that he did that just to trend.

He said the actor told him that he was operating a Youtube account which was not getting the numbers hence he decided to take him to the cleaners so he [Akwes] would trend.

Lil Win said he told Big Akwes he would sue him in court so it would serve as a deterrent to others who are making such claims against him.

”Big Akwes later called some prominent individuals to plead on his behalf so he [Lil Win] would forgive him.”

He was speaking to Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

”Big Akwes called my pastor and asked him to intervene. My pastor called and asked me to forgive him. As I speak to you now,w the case is still pending. I have decided to forgive him, but the case is still pending in court,” he added.


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