Be warned, no more attacks on journalists, there’s a new sheriff in town- GJA Prez

President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, has warned individuals who attack journalists to desist from doing so since there is a new sheriff in town who will no longer entertain such recklessness.

Speaking at his swearing-in ceremony, the GJA President stated that under his leadership, he will set up a journalist support fund with the held of developemnt partners.

One of the key function of the fund would be to offer legal services to jourlaists whose rights w3ould be violated in line of duty.

Mr. Dwumfour declared ”the era where journalists were assaulted and do not get justice due to lack of funds to pursue legal action will soon become history. Let me issue a note of warning to people who take unrighteous liberty to assault journalists that there is a new sheriff in town who will go to any length within the law to protect his comrades”.

The journalist support fund, he further revealed will offer training and workshop on dafety6 and security for members in order to enhance their personal security and safety.

On the issue of professional development, he said journalism is dynamic and to keep members in tune with the changing trends in the profession, we must continue to learn. To this end, we will introduce journalist summer camp. This would be an exchange programme, aimed at trainbing journalists in mordern practices and techniques”.

The leadership of GJA, he noted, will explore scholarship opportunities for journalists who would wish to upgrade themselves or further their education. This would be done with relevant bodies.

He said his team would be meeting these bodies to discuss the way forward on the matter.

Slary Regime for Journalists

He bemoaned the low slaries some journalists take in the country and has promised to improve the salarties of journalaists through sollective bargaining.

He indicated that to do this, the GJA will complete the unionisation process to acquire the barganing certificate for journalists.

”We will also engae media owners and key stakeholders including the government, GIBA, the National Media Commission on how to improve the wages and working conditions of journalists.”

”A well paid journalist is an independent, credible and fearless journalist,” he stated while defending the need for journalists to be paid well.


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