Be vigilant with fire during harmattan season-GNFS urges public

The Ghana National Fire Service has advised Ghanaians to be vigilant and help prevent outbreaks this harmattan season.

Assistant Fire Officer, Timothy Osafo-Affum the Public Relations Officer at the Ghana National Fire Service asked called on the public to be careful with materials that can easily cause fire to reduce the incidence of fire outbreaks.

According to him, there was the need to protect lives and property hence Ghanaians must be responsible to prevent outbreaks both domestically, industrially, and in our bushes.

He explained that outbreaks during the harmattan period shoot up every year and it was important for the public to be careful.

He said every harmattan season we witness an increase in fire outbreaks and per our records we record higher cases in the Northern, Upper East, Upper West, and Savanna regions.

He also said that the reason behind these outbreaks was because we don’t take care of fire after use, adding, Ghanaians should be vigilant after the use of fire whether domestic or industrial.

He emphasized that most of the records have brought to their notice that bush fire was in excess compared to the domestic ones.

He further said that last year’s outbreaks were lower compared to that of 2020 and 2019.

This he noted was made possible because the GNFS trained individuals on fire safety across all levels

He said fire education and bush fire volunteer training held in different villages helped to limit fire outbreaks in 2021.

By: Rhoda Adu Adjeibia/

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