Be serious, stop using the issue of quorum to disrupt parliamentary business-Majority to Minority

The Deputy Majority leader and MP for Effutu, Mr. Alexander Afenyo-Markin has asked the National Democratic Congress Minority members of parliament to be serious with parliamentary duties and desist from raising the issue of a quorum to disturb proceedings of the House.

He explained that since the Supreme court ruling on Article 102 and 104 which talks about quorum and also allowing Deputy Speakers of Parliament to exercise their votes when presiding over proceedings of parliament, the minority has been adopting a strategy for hiding behind the issue of a quorum to bring parliamentary proceedings to a close whenever it was time for government business and they realize there was less number of MPs at the plenary.

Mr. Afenyo-Markin stated that throughout last week, members on the Minority side have been raising the issue of quorum and for that matter, parliament would have to adjourn prematurely without doing any business.

The Deputy Majority leader said, the situation is not as it’s been projected by the Minority, because seeing less number of MPs in the chamber does not mean that members of Parliament were absent but it could be because most of the MPs were equally engaged in committee meetings.

He, therefore, asked the Minority to allow proceedings to flow even if the number present at that particular moment was less since the same members of Parliament are mandated to carry out committee meetings.


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