Be bold & report your abusing wives-DCE to men

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Juaboso in the Western North Region, Martha Kwayie has entreated men to report their abusing wives to the police.

The DCE said men must not be scared or shy in reporting such cases but rather break the silence and report their abusing wives to the police.

Studies have shown that domestic violence, in the form of physical or sexual violence, is experienced by 35 per cent of women globally during their lifetime.

Emotional abuse and controlling behaviour is experienced by 75 per cent of women across the world.

 It is also acknowledged that men experience domestic violence.

Nationally representative statistics on the incidence of domestic violence are, however, hard to come by, a survey by the Statistical Service some fews ago noted.

But the DCE encouraged men to be bold and not suffer in silence.

She was worried the situation has led to broken homes and appealed for an advocacy to end male abuses just as was done for violence against women.

Globally, it’s believed that men who experience domestic violence and abuse often don’t seek help until the problem becomes a crisis.

Usually, men who report abuses on them are perceived to be less masculine hence they do not want to break the silence on abuses on them.

However, the DCE says that perception was wrong and has stressed on the need for men to report violence or abuse in order for the abusers to be punished in accordance with the law.

In 2015, 518 men (husbands) in the Northern Region were reportedly beaten by their wives or subjected to various forms of abuses ending at the police station for redress.

A release by Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service in Talame, said there was an increase in the number of men now coming out boldly to report their abusive wives to the unit in the Northern Region.

In 2009, 71 cases were reported by the men, 47 in 2010, 44 in 2011, 77 in 2012, 147 in 2013 and 132 in 2014.

Major cases of abuse reported to the DOVVSU included rape, defilement, indecent assault, threat of unlawful harm or death, causing unlawful harm or damage, assault, compulsion of marriage, non-maintenance of spouse and children among others.

Out of the figure, 1,937 women were victims of domestic violence, as against 518 men in the years under review. In 2014 alone, the Northern Region recorded 667 cases of domestic violence, representing 544 females and 132 males.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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