Bawku Crisis: The use of curfews & military has failed, consider arbitration & mediation-Analyst

Security analyst, Nana Samuel Nana Appiah, has asked the government to change the approach it is currently using to resolve the ongoing Bawku crisis.

He was of the view that the use of the military, and police personnel, as well as the imposition of curfews, have proven futile, hence the need to adopt a new approach.

He has therefore proposed the use of arbitration ma meditation.
Speaking on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said the government must identify the influential persons from both sides of the divide who are fighting and use them in the mediation process.

He believes the crisis could last for years if we do not adopt this approach in ending the crisis once and for all.

He noted that the crisis is gradually getting out of hands “however, we have an opportunity to deal with it once and for all. The government must take steps in addressing the crisis. We have witnessed a similar crisis, that lasted for years in Dagbon, but the approach we adopted through mediation and arbitration and the use of influential personalities have resolved the matter, and today, we have a Dagbon Wura.

I believe we have failed to adopt arbitration and mediation in the Bawku crisis. The use of the military, the police, and the imposition of the curfews have failed us. We need a new approach. There are influential persons from both sides who have taken entrenched positions. We need to identify all of them and use them for the mediation process.”

The analyst further stated that tribal conflicts are complicated and complex because every side in the conflict feels superior and would nig want to be dragged, and so they take entrenched positions. These are the people we have to identify and use in the mediation and arbitration process and bring finality to the matter.


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