Ban celebrities from endorsing financial institutions too-Yaw Ben

Entertainment critic Yaw Ben has commented on the Gaming Commission for banning celebrities from endorsing betting companies.

Commenting on the issue on Rainbow Entertainment, he said he would be glad if financial institutions are added.

He noted some financial institutions that have collapsed were endorsed by celebrities.

Yaw Ben said celebrities are highly influential and could easily make their followers especially the young ones use the things they endorse including alcoholic beverages.

The Ghana Gaming Commission has banned betting companies from using celebrities in their advertisement or as ambassadors.

The Commission says the decision is due to the increasing number of celebrities endorsing betting companies – an action some have argued could lure young fans into gambling.

The guidelines issued by the Commission stated that companies cannot encourage people to bet using these individuals with huge social media following.

“Operators shall not use celebrities in their advertisements to entice the general public to gamble,” the statement read.

To ensure the new guideline is followed all advertisements must be approved by the commission to help protect not only underage persons but “the interests of punters, customers, and stakeholders,” the statement read.

Reacting to this, Yaw Ben said it was commendable.


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