AU must step in over xenophobic attacks in SA-Lecturer

A lecturer at the Kings University College, Prof. Kwame Agyenim Boateng has called on the South African government to take full responsibility for the xenophobic attacks.

He has therefore charged the government to deal with the incident to prevent it from recurring.

The International Relation expert is also asking the South African government to seek help from the African Union if it feels helpless.

He described the attacks as disturbing, unfortunate and irresponsible.

The repercussions he noted would be severe hence the need to address it a holistic approach.

He insisted the African Union must address the attacks because ‘’if we do not find ways to address the attacks, it will escalate.’’

There is growing outrage after a series of xenophobic attacks on foreign-owned businesses in South Africa.

Nigeria has boycotted the World Economic Forum in South Africa while African foreign nationals working in South Africa have expressed dismay over the unrest.

The Nigerian government has indicated that it will take a tougher stance against South Africa if the current attacks on its citizens continue.

Reacting to these developments, he underscored the need for government in South Africa put measures to address the concerns raised by its citizens.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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