Appoint Supreme Court judges based on merit-Lawyer

Private legal practitioner lawyer Fiifi Buckman has underscored the need for Supreme Court judges to be appointed based on merit.

He noted that judges should not be appointed for political reasons since that will hurt the image of the apex court.

He indicated that one of the reasons why such comments are made and why the court has been subjected to some criticisms in recent times is how they are appointed and by the appointing authority.

Lawyer Buckman speaking on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm stated that the issue is about the appointment we have seen recently. Some also see it as a political tool used by the government in power. But our institutions per the Constitution are independent and based on merit. We cannot appoint angels as Supreme Court judges and so, we must appoint them on merit. When appointing heads of institutions, we have to do so based on merit. That perception people have about our judges can also not be entirely right”.

He explained that the laws of Ghana or chapter 11 of the Constitution directs how Supreme Court judges are appointed.

He said the constitution says the number should not be less than 10 hence it could be more than 10 or even 20.

He was responding to claims by some individuals who have suggested that the number of supreme judges should be 9 and not exceed that.

He said every country has reasons why they appoint some number of judges.

He posited that if by reasoning we think the financial burden was too much, we have to then review the law to place a cap on the number.

“Per the current law, we could even appoint more than 2000 judges. If we want to review the law and place a certain cap on it that would be fine”.


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