Apologise or you’II have yourself to blame-NPP Man to Badu Kobi

A communications team member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Solomon Kusi Appiah, has thrown caution to Prophet Badu Kobi over his refusal to retract and apologise for his recent ethnocentric comments.

The NPP communicator said the man of God must apologise in his own interest or regret later.

Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has caused a stir by describing Ashanti women as greedy, heartless, disrespectful, evil and materialistic, claiming they are not good materials for marriage.

A video of the pastor went gone viral on social media where he was heard launching an unprovoked scathing attack on Ashanti women.

Besides, he did not spare Fante women, whom he tagged as ‘foolish’ and Ewe women, whom he described as ‘doormats’.

He warned that any man that wants to enjoy marriage should never consider marrying an Ashanti woman because they are not genuine lovers, as they only chase properties.

He has been asked to apologise but the man of God says he owes no one an apology.

Commenting on the issue, Solomon Appiah Kubi said the man of God acted irresponsibly and only wants to trend in the media.

He told Frontline host on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that the man of God has lost relevance due to is his bias political activities hence his comments.

In his view, the man of God should have preached about salvation instead of inciting people.

The comments he noted denigrated the queen mother of Asanteman, thus Prophet Badu Kobi must apologise.

‘’You have incited and insulted people, you have been asked to apologise but you have refused and claiming you made the comments based on a research. Research my foot. Some of us decided not to comment about the issue but his refusal to apologise is senseless and annoying. He should come out ad apologise or have himself to blame.

It was high time he apologise; should he fail to apologise he will regret and have himself to blame.’’

He further claimed that women in Kumasi have expressed bitterness over the issue and the earlier he apologises, the better for him.

He stressed, ”just like Kennedy Agyapong asked him to apologise, I am reiterating the need for him to apologise or regret later.”

Kennedy Agyapong has vowed to contract women to beat up  Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi over his comments.

The legislator speaking on NET 2 TV on Tuesday  said he could not fathom why the so-called man of God could be reckless in his utterances about women yet no one is willing to speak up especially gender activists in the country.

“Let him know that it is no longer Mahama who is in power. I will contract women to drill you. Women are those who will drill him and his other foolish junior pastors who were responding in agreement with those comments he made”, he threatened.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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