Why are you running from debate if you’ve a track record? Mahama to Prez

Former President John Dramani has thrown another challenge to President Akufo-Addo to debate him if his record is superior to that of his.

Mr. Mahama in an interview with Accra Fm wondered why the president is not taking up the challenge when he [Akufo-Addo] has declared t6hat the 2020 presidential election would be determined by the records of the two candidates.

Describing the decision by the NPP not to allow the president to debate him as sad, Mr. Mahama said he said ”our people need to test our leaders on the clarity of their thoughts and how grounded they are, the proposals they intend to implement.

The current administration he said described its infrastructure achievement as the best since Ghana’s 4th republic.

”This is laughable. It was first about infrastructure and I said we can settle this with a debate between us. But now it goes beyond infrastructure. We have our manifestoes and policies. The people of Ghana would have been the beneficiaries of the debate…unfortunately they have declined”.

The NDC candidate added the NPP has created an impression that he [Mahama] declined in 2016 saying ”that was not true” because he was the first incumbent president to do a debate in 2012 with all his contenders including President Akufo-Addo who was by then the NPP’s candidate.

In 2016, the NDC he said declined to participate in an IEA debate because it had a problem with the organizers.

This he said did not mean the NDC declined to participate in any debate at all, adding, the NDC was willing to participate in any debate organise by neutral bodies.

”And so, in 2016, a debate was held, and I participated. All the other presidential candidates participated but again, the opposition leader Nana Addo declined to debate”.

When asked if the president was running away, he said ”yes of course”.

”As president of the country, you have a record. This election is going to be about track records and I welcome that, yet,” you are running away.

”If you say it is about track records, I have a track record as president, he got track record as president. What is difficult is us sitting down and talking about our track records. And so, I invite him again. I think he should ignore Sammi Awuku and all the others and just come out bodily so we talk about our track records. It would be for the benefit of Ghanaians. They will have a clearer picture of who to vote for.”

By: Rainbowradioonline.com