Peace Council cannot help us solve the challenges we have with EC-NDC

General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has shot down suggestions for the party to seek audience with the Peace Council over its concerns raised over the ongoing exhibition exercise.

Responding to a question on reasons why the party has called on the international community to intervene in the matter, he posited that the Council cannot help them resolve the matter.

“They themselves are aware of the problem so they should be calling us… We don’t think that solutions to this problem lie with the Peace Council,” he said.

“They have followed this process. We have given them all our issues relating to the preparations towards this election. From day one to date we have not found any single solution from that platform,” he noted.

He further claimed that the Eminent persons recently appointed by the EC to advise them on issues such as this have also remained mute because the NDC believes whatever the EC is doing has their blessing.

“We presume that the printing of the cards on our blindside was done with the advice of the committee of eminent persons so they [the Peace Council] have excluded themselves from the opinion leaders who we should be consulting for solutions because they are part of the problem.”