I’II not accept a monthly salary as Prez-Walker

Independent presidential candidate, Alfred Kwame Asiedu Walker has outlined a plan to give every region in Ghana an helicopter to respond to emergency health needs of Ghanaians if elected as president.

The only independent candidate who was cleared by the EC to contest this year’s election said these aircrafts will serve as a means of transporting the sick or injured people from one city to the other.

“We have said the regionalisation policy which is the headlines of our government, every region is going to get a helicopter, emergency responders who will immediately respond to the site.

Not too long ago, there was a VIP crash on the Accra Kumasi Road. I don’t know the number of people who died where ambulanced where not enough, Hospitals were not adequately resourced to take care of those emergency issues.

We are going to have trauma centers strategically placed where helicopters, nurses and doctors who are able to respond to those emergencies to be airlifted to those trauma centers.”

The candidate in disclosing how he will find this project said he will not accept salary as president for the period he will rile this country.

“Somebody will ask me how are going to fund all that, I have said, I am not going to take salary as a president for the four years we will be in power. I am making it public that I will not take that salary.

“We are going to cut a lean in government, wastage is going to be stopped and we are going to make sure that the resources that are used in this country are used judiciously.”

He is currently the lead consultant/collaborator for a Dublin Ireland and Infrastructure Development Group operations in West Africa.

He has also spearheaded and championed the redevelopment, expansion and beautification of the Accra-Tema motorway.

He was born in Larteh in the Eastern Region of Ghana on December 24, 1955, and the youngest of nine children.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com