If you want bigger butts, squat, you don’t need Obengfo-Efe Keyz

Sensational singer Efe Keyz has thrown shades at celebrities who go to facilities for butt implants.

The ‘Do Me Juju’ hitmaker said one does not have to spend so much money to have implant when they could use squatting as a natural means to increase the size of their buttocks.

Although she did mention any names, she advised these celebrities to stop wasting monies on these unnatural methods and start going to the gym and squat.

If there is a trend on social media that has generated heated debate, it has to do with the fact that tons of some female celebrities who have gone to have their butts increased.

A lot of people suspected that some top celebrities got implants, but have some have denied whereas some have boldly confirmed.

It turns out that some have suffered negative side-effects after they got injections to treat psoriasis.

This, Efe Keyz, says must serve as a warning to other celebrities to desist from the act and go to the gym and squat.

According to her, butt implants deforms the body and will encourage anyone to do it.

”You don’t need Obengfo to make make your butts big, all you need is squatting. You just have to squat if you want to get bigger butts. You don’t need to waste money on these unnatural methods.”

”I have not had any implants. The size of my butts is due to squatting,” she stressed.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal