Ghanaians have not treated Charterhouse fairly over the years-Tsormanah

Entertainment critic Chris Tsormanah has taken on critics of Charterhouse, organizers of the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards saying the firm has always been unfairly criticized.

The critic said it would not be prudent for people to run down award schemes when the schemes are using their criteria to determine their winners.

He pointed out that every award scheme has its own structure hence the need for entertainment critics to take time, study what goes into the scheme before describing the scheme as lacking credibility.

On the issue of perception of public votes which some critics have criticized as not being a fair representation of what the public voted for, he said he public has been giving 40% votes in some categories of the scheme with the Board and Academy giving 30% each.

The demand by some critics to allow the public to get more percentage in terms of votes he said is neither here nor there because the percentage even allocated them is always challenged without any basis.

He further asserted that the public votes should not also be louder than the technical brains because there should be a level playing field for music fans to contribute but their contribution should not affect the quality of music selected.

Meanwhile, the PRO for Charterhouse Robert Klah has disputed claims that the scheme has lost its credibility.

According to him, the scheme has consistently used it’s set out rules and criteria to determine winners if the annual awards.