Ghana will start producing electric cars under GCPP-Dr. Lartey

Ghana under a new Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) will establish an electric car manufacturing company, the presidential candidate Dr. Henry Lartey has announced.

The agronomist and leading exporter of organic foods said Europe, Japan and other countries are manufacturing electric cars because the fossil fuel used in fuelling the current cars could be scarce.

The alternative he explained would be to produce electric cars.

He said the party aims to keep up with the global competition when it comes to innovation and woo investors to come and establish their companies here in Ghana to help create more jobs for the unemployed youth.

The establishment of the African Free Trade Headquarters in Ghana he added provides a greater opportunity for Ghana to export the electric cars to other neighbouring countries.

Dr. Lartey argued that automobile manufacturers across the globe are shifting from combustion engine vehicles towards electric and self-driving vehicles.

Explaining the domestication agenda which the party has been championing for years, he said the agenda is only for the production of food products but electrical products, solar panels and other globally accepted products.

Meanwhile, the party has promised to construct the Pan-African University for Solar and Alternative Energy to lead research works into solar energy.

He said to advancing industrialisation, Ghana must invest in stable energy including solar, wind, hydro power and biogas.

He said the GCPP will make Ghana the first solar economy in Africa which will create 3 million jobs.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal