Amidu could not develop a healthy relationship with Executive-OccupyGhana

Pressure group OccupyGhana has suggested that former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu’s main challenge was maintaining a healthy interaction with the Executive Arm of government while exercising his duties.

OccupyGhana in its statement indicated that Martin Amidu couldn’t find a balance when it came to having a healthy relationship with the Executive and asserting the independence of his office whenever he felt it was being challenged.

“We believe that the main challenge had to do with his interaction with the Executive on his most recent corruption risk assessment report.” the statement said.

“Without commenting on the merits or otherwise of the matters in disagreement, we believe that the Executive pushback is to be expected in the work on all constitutional or statutory independent bodies.”

Hence the group advised that instead of Mr. Martin Amidu to have resigned, the “best option was to call the bluff of the Executive, on his corruption risk report and assert independence while sticking to his guns and proceeding with his mandate.”

Read the full statement below


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