Amerado making Obibini more popular through their beef-DJ Zola

DJ Zola, an entertainment critic has reacted to the lyrical beef between Amerado and Obibini saying the latter has not really exploited his rapping skills.

According to him, he knows Obibini is a great rapper but in terms of the ongoing beef, he thinks Amerado could be leading.

He told DJ Slash, host of Rainbow Entertainment that Amerado could be regretting beefing Obibini because the rapper has not really brought his skills to bear in the ongoing beef.

DJ Zola went on to state that Ghanaians fueled the beef by mocking Obibini and making him respond to the jabs Amerado reportedly threw at him when he appeared on Tim Westwood’s show.

For him, Obibini is known to be a strong rapper and someone who has remained in the game for years but his beef with Amerado did not bring out his best.

He insisted Amerado was only making Obibini more popular.


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