Amerado used his appearance on Tim Westwood show to prove he is a talented rapper-NYB

Entertainment critic NYB of Muse Africa says Amerado’s recent appearance on Tim West Wood’s show is a dream come for the rapper.

Appearing on Rainbow Entertainment, he said the rapper had been dreaming on appearing on that show and when he got the opportunity, he did not mess up.

He told host DJ Slash that Amerado has proven that he is a force to reckon with in the industry.

To him, the rapper feels he has been underrated by Ghanaians despite his great skills and creativity.

He noted that Amerado went on the show to sell Ghana and he did well in doing that.

NYB posited that Amerado has proven a point and from now on, he would remain relevant in the industry.

Kumerican artistes, Amerado, Yaw Tog and Kweku Flick, were praised by the public have for their performances on the BBC1xtra show.

The three Kumerican artistes, were given the honours to join popular British DJ and TV personality, Tim Westwood on his show to deliver ‘freestyles’.

Tim Westwood freestyle session is an international opportunity for most artistes.


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