All die be die was a reckless statement but do or die is about being firm & resolute-MP

Member of Parliament (MP) for the Wa West Constituency and a retired Superintendent of Police, Peter Lanchene Toobu, has stated that those making claims that President Akufo-Addo’s ‘all-die-be-die’ comments and former President Mahama’s do-or-die are the same don’t understand the English Language.

He opined that the two comments are not the same because that of President Akufo-Addo was reckless whereas that of Mr. Mahama was an idiomatic expression expressing firmness.

The legislator stressed that every Ghanaian in 2021 slammed and condemned President Akufo-Addo for his all die be die comments because it was a comment about violence and lawlessness.

”Do or die affair in simple English terms means that the NDC is going to be very uncompromising, vigilant, and take the highest risk possible to protect our democracy. We will not allow any to destabilize the peace and stability of the country. We will protect the ballot box and not wait for any mathematical illogicalities.

Do or die does not mean to kill. Do or die is all about being firm, resolute and uncompromising. We are just making sure what is done right is done right,” he added.

”It is a matter of choice of words. There is nothing wrong with that. Do or die means the NDC is being firm to ensure that the right thing is done. That thing that happened in 2020 should not repeat itself. Mahama must be commended for accepting the results,” he added.

Peter Lanchene Toobu further added that the NDC supporters would protect the integrity of the elections at the peril of their lives, just as the military does for the country.

”In 2024, the NDC will do the best that we can to protect the integrity of the elections and protect the sanctity of the constitution even at the peril of our lives”, he said on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal/

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