Airport Staff protest alleged privatisation plans

Workers of the Ghana Airport Company have staged a protest over alleged privatisation of the company.

The workers say they fear of losing their jobs should the government privatise the company.

Clad in red, the workers said the government through the Aviation Ministry intends to hand over the company to a Turkish investor and they cannot allow that to happen.

Addressing the concerns raised by the workers, General Secretary of the Public Service Workers Union, Trades Union Congress, Bernard Agyei said their concerns would be addressed.

He assured them the union will meet with the government and iron out the issues raised.

“We have been confronted with such a situation so as responsible citizens of this country and a responsible union we are using the structures and all the avenues and resources available to us to deal with this matter.

“There will be an engagement with the union for us to state our position on the matter. What we want to assure you is that we will not sit down and allow anything to be done to the detriment of workers,” Mr Agyei said.

“We know how you have toiled to bring the airport to the status at which it is. We know you doing your possible best under the circumstances you find yourself.

“When we go to the negotiating table, we will advance your position that the airport can be and will be run by Ghanaians,” he added.

The Aviation Ministry had earlier dispelled rumours of plans by the government to sell the Airport Company to9 a private entity.

A statement issued and signed by the Minister Mr. Kofi Adda said “The Ministry of Aviation wishes to unequivocally inform the general public and the good people of Ghana that the Kotoka International Airport is not for sale and no such deal has ever been conceived by the government of Ghana.”

“To this end, we hereby state categorically that neither the Ministry nor the GACL has yet formally started any process of engagement on the subject matter with any stakeholder or partner.”

“We, therefore, wish to note that the false information on the sale of the Kotoka International Airport being circulated in the media/social media is the work of mischievous and malicious elements to pitch the staff of GACL and the general public against Government to achieve their diabolical agenda and erode the successes chalked in the Aviation Sector for the last three years,” he added.


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