Afigya Kwabre Poultry Farmers Association worried over possible collapse of industry

The Afigya Kwabre Poultry Farmers Association has raised concerns over challenges confronting the industry.

The farmers are lamenting their members could be out of business if the government did not adopt measures to protect the industry.

Chairman of the group Johnson Kofi Senya has expressed bitterly over an imminent collapse of factories should the government fail to intervene and address the challenge of unavailability of raw materials.

According to Chairman Johnson Kofi Senya, existing factories are having challenges with raw materials and the government should pay more attention to the outgrower system through contract farming to produce raw materials to feed the industry.

He also warned that the importation of poultry is threatening the local poultry industry.

He also lamented the effect maize shortages are having on the poultry industry.

According to him, maize contributes to the majority of what is used to prepare feed for chickens but although the maize was in abundance on the market, there is no maize in the silos.

Data available shows that Ghana’s poultry meat demand amounts to 400,000 tonnes per year.

Domestic production stands at around 57,870 tonnes, the rest of the volume coming from imports.

Only in chicken meat, Ghana imports over 300,000 tonnes worth $375 million.

The chairman said “we are always proud to import poultry to the tune of $375 million and yet cannot invest in the local industry. We are running to contract loans but we were spending so much money to manage the country. We are having to deal with the scarcity of maize and wheat bran, and the attendant high cost of maize, wheat bran and soya bean. These ingredients constitute about 80 per cent of the total volume of ingredients needed to produce feed for poultry birds. But we are not doing anything to preserve the excess we have”.

To him, the soya bean project could create more than 2,000 jobs.

He said the situation if not checked could result in significant job losses and exacerbation of food security challenges.

He called on the government, through the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, to make wheat-bran and other ingredients readily available at the silos.


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