Afganistan insurgency could affect prices of oil & other commodities-Expert

International Relations Expert Dr. Julius Kwame Kattah has advised the UN Security Council to immediately deal with the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan before it escalates.

He said the UN and the world superpowers must join forces to salvage the situation considering the implications for the world at large.

The approach is solving the problem requires strong military intervention, stronger economic intervention, stronger strategic leadership dialogue between the Taliban and the government in Afganistan.

Over the past week, Taliban fighters have swept across Afghanistan, taking control of their first provincial capital on 6 August.

The Taliban also seized Kabul on 15 August.

As the insurgents closed in, President Ashraf Ghani flew out of the country.

Seven people reportedly died at Kabul airport in the chaos as a US military jet took off.

Dr. Kattah, in his submission, stated that there should be a negotiation between the factions to ensure that peace is restored.

He said there are sister countries around Afganistan, and when these things spread like that, it affects our oil prices, it affects other producer commodities, and those who have a comparative advantage are the ones who benefit.


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