Adwoa Safo will be referred to Privileges Committee-Majority Leader

Majority Leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu has disclosed that the Member of Parliament for Done-Kwabenya Sarah Adwoa Safo may be referred to Parliament’s Privileges Committee by next week.

In an interview on JoyNews’ PM Express, the Majority Leader revealed that the Speaker had planned to refer hr to the Privileges Committee last week Tuesday.

However he rescheduled it due to prevailing circumstances had to reschedule.

“My information was that even last Tuesday, the Speaker was going to make a pronouncement on it in the house but I think the circumstances prevented him from so doing. I want to believe that perhaps before the House adjourns tomorrow or maybe next week when the House sits the Speaker may make the announcement by referring her conduct to the Privileges Committee before we adjourn. That’s the information that the Speaker gave to me,” he said.

He further indicated that the request by the MP for her leave of absence to be extended has not been approved.

“Well she requested from the Speaker to be given four more weeks to be absent. The four weeks I guess is ending Friday. It wasn’t granted. The Speaker told me that he had not granted that because you need to be here to make the request, but this was submitted from outside, and even the first one, the first one that’s where she didn’t make a request from the Speaker. So the Speaker said he wasn’t going to accommodate that,” he explained.

“It’s been a long drawn matter, we’ve been having conversations and I think there’s something that is happening and I don’t want to go into it. Unfortunate as the situation is, but certainly a decision will have to be taken one way or the other.

“Well, really when we say that push, in this case, has come to shove and when push comes to shove some decision, some determination has to be made. And so I agree with the Speaker if that determination has to be made it has to be made,” he said.

He admitted that the absence of the MP was not an easy task for them.

“We have been limping I must admit. If she were here this hurdle would have been cleared long ago. We’ve been having conversations about her coming back and she’ll promise and renege on many occasions, but I think all is not right. How to go forward with it is the bigger burden,” he started.


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