Adwoa Safo must be powerful if not, the Prez must take a critical action on her-Analyst

Sustainable development analyst Mr. Michael Ebo Amoah, has asked President Akufo-Addo to take a critical decision on the matter involving lawyer Sarah Adwoa Safo for her long absence from parliament and the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection.

The practitioner argued that the long absence of the minister and legislator is not healthy for the government, her party, and the nation as a whole.

To him, she cannot continue to hold the government to ransom and make demands despite the opportunities she had been given by the Nana Addo-led administration.

He indicated that it is frivolous for her to demand to be made the deputy majority leader after serving as same and appointed as a procurement minister and now gender minister.

He said it was about time the President and the party take a firm decision on her because “what she is doing is not healthy for our democracy”.

To the minister, he asked her to resign if she was no longer interested in her job.

“She must have lost political interest in her job and that is why she is doing this. What she is doing does not make sense. The NPP has pampered her for far too long. The way she has been attacked shows that the issue is very serious. What at all have they done to her for her to hold them to ransom?”

He added the MP “must be really powerful to be still holding her office. Unless there is something Ghanaians don’t know of, then what she is doing is not healthy for Ghana’s democracy”.

He further stated the MP cum minister has no business drawing a salary from Ghanaians and get refused to work for it and failed to also failed to explain the reason behind her long absence.


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