Admit that you’re complicit in my unlawful arrest, torture & abuse of my rights-Saab Moran to Cape Verde’s Prosecutor

Alex Nain Saab Moran, a special envoy for the South American country, has written to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Cape Verde, Jose Landim asking him to admit that he (Prosecutor General) made a terrible mistake in the conduct of his extradition to the United States.

He had also asked him to admit that rather than being the guarantor of justice which his role as Prosecutor General requires, he had given in to the worst kind of political expediency rather than uphold the oath of his office.

His letter comes after the Prosecutor General had reportedly admitted that he made a “trivial mistake” in his conduct of Saab Moran’s extradition to the United States.

From the time of his arrest in June 2020, there has been the call at different levels of global governance to release him to continue his humanitarian work*

Mr. Saab Moran, the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to African Union and Special Envoy to Islamic Republic of Iran has been in the news since June 2020 when he was arrested by Cape Verde police on the orders of the US when his private plane stopped to refuel en route to Iran on official duties for the Venezuelan government.

Lawyers for Alex Saab struggled to stop the extradition order which the Cape Verde government had already accepted.

The lawyers later succeeded in getting him to be released from prison custody to be held under house arrest.

They had argued that their client needed medical attention which he had not been provided in prison.

His lawyers had also complained that they had no access to their client.

They wrote letters to the office of the Cape Verde prime minister and police chief to formally complain about the denial of access to Mr. Saab.

In his latest letter to the Prosecutor General, he disclosed that he had gone through physical and psychological torture and yet, his complaints have not been given the needed attention.

He also disputed claims that his alleged torture has been investigated as stated by the Prosecutor General.

Portions of the statement: “You are now claiming that my numerous complaints, filed with the Cape Verde authorities over the past year, of the inability to receive the specialist medical care to which I am entitled as a basic human right, and requests for investigations of several acts of physical and psychological torture have been adequately investigated. You have used this banal statement of yours to deflect and ignore the ruling of the United Nations Human Rights Committee on Interim Measures.

You are now on record as claiming a local doctor, the Cape Verde Human Rights Commission and a surprise inspection were used as tools to challenge my claims.

I wish to state in the clearest possible terms that I reject and refute your attempts to justify your complacency and complicity in my arrest, detention, denial of health care and torture. Please have these parties provide statements under oath on the assistance and so-called investigations they have conducted, evidence they have collected including, one would assume the simplest of medical assessments and photographs.

In return, I demand the right to have evidence collected from other inmates that were in Sal prison at the time of the violation of my most basic rights and the atrocities committed against numerous domestic and international law and treaties which you claim to uphold.”

Read his full letter below


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