Adeiso: Police after a carpenter for absconding with Susu of group members

The Adeiso District Police is after a carpenter by the name of George Soku for allegedly absconding with several amounts of money belonging to members of a group in the area.

The carpenter, alleged to have contested as an assemblyman but lost was the chairman of a group in the area, Psalm 21, also known as Akakavi Savings.

Rainbow Radio’s Prince Collins Bening reporting on the matter stated that over 100 members of the group are looking for their former chairman.
He said the members operate the system line susu savings where members are given a bulk amount on rotation.

But over the past two years, they have not been handed over to anyone.
He reported that ot was discovered by the new executives of the group that their former chairman had absconded with their money.

They later reported the matter to the Police and the former chairman is now wanted by the Police to assist them in their ongoing investigation.


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