Activities of secessionists’ group unconstitutional-Kufour

Former President John Agyekum Kufour has described the activities of the secessionists’ group as unconstitutional.

He has therefore asked that authorities look at the constitution of Ghana and deal with these persons who are calling for their independence.

“Ghana has a constitution so when seeking power use the constitution and talk to people to give you the power you need.

“The constitution determines what Ghana is and determines the country’s boundaries. So how can citizens rise up one morning to say they are not part of Ghana and also do not use constitutional means to take power? What they have done is more or less like a coup d’état,” he bemoaned.

Speaking to Accra based Net2 TV, the former president actions are against the provisions in the constitution and that there was the need for all political powers to disown the group.

He said: “I will plead. Everyone loves to have power but there is a right way to seek power so no one should take the power into his hands.

“No one should aid these people. We should make sure our utterances do not fuel their energy and give backing to their activities because what you say may be deemed as aiding their activities. If we continue to provide good governance in Ghana, Ghana will be the best place in the world to live,” he added.

He challenged persons who are making arguments on this matter to always refer to the constitution of Ghana before making any claims.

He described the activities of these individuals as criminal and asked Ghanaians not to entertain such persons.


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