A doctor murdered my daughter-Mother of Suzzy Williams reveals after 14 yrs

Mother of late Ghanaian actress Suzzy Lebene Williams who was known Williams, Madam Cecilia Williams has for the first time broken her silence in 14 years after the death of her daughter.

She has shockingly disclosed on Restoration hosted by Stacy Amoateng that the daughter was killed by the doctor who worked on her.

According to Cecilia Williams, her daughter was killed via means of believed to be euthanasia because when she reached the hospital where Suzzy was sent after the accident, she was alive but in a critical condition.

Miss Williams narrated that she witnessed a young doctor killing her daughter and when she asked why, the doctor informed her that if Suzzy lives, her condition will rather be a burden on her.

She also disclosed that a year after she went back to the same doctor asking why he did that, the doctor shocking said he thought Suzzy Williams was a fante.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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