NDC finding it difficult to organize internal elections- Prez Staffer claims

The opposition National Democratic Congress is struggling to conduct its internal elections ahead of the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections, Director of Political Affairs at the Office of the Chief of Staff Frank Asiedu Bekoe has asserted.

Addressing New Patriotic Party (NPP) delegates in Suhum, he posited that it lacks what it takes to govern and is not serious and hence should not be given power.

“All that I know is that it is the opposition party which should first take the steps to organize their conferences and conduct all their internal elections even before the government in power, but despite the challenges, Covid-19 brought to bear on this government and the country as a whole. The NPP party was not discouraged, we have been able to organize our 16 regional conferences, national delegates conference at Kumasi, after that we have conducted our polling stations elections even though some are in dispute but we are done with about 80% and proceeded to do our electoral area coordinators elections and we are now doing our constituencies elections”.

“I believe that it is the opposition party who should have begun this process before the governing party follows, it is for this reason that I want all Ghanaians to know that the NDC is a dormant political party which means their party is dead but rather have been awarded with a degree or PhD in propaganda, as it stands now the NDCs run their party on radio , televisions with lies but has failed to honour what the constitution demands them to do”.

“Let us not deceive ourselves, the NDC is not a private entity, it is a public entity therefore Ghanaians should be interested in the happenings of the NDC, they show no seriousness, how can a party in government bearing the brunt of the effect of covid-19 and other challenges be able to organize its party internally whilst an opposition party without any challenges is unable to organize its own house? I think the NDC is on a time bomb which will soon explode,” he added.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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