25 persons arrested for rioting in Wa over the arrest of flogging suspects

The Police in Wa have arrested 25 persons for attempting to force the release of three suspects who were arrested for their alleged involvement
in the flogging the of in a leaked sex tape.

Soem irate youth attacked the Police in Wa demanding the immediate release of the suspects.

It took the Police several hours to bring the situatiuon under control.

A police statement released on the issue said, “the irate mob pelted the charge office and adjoining offices with stones and other implements. The youth also set vehicle tyres ablaze on some major streets in the municipality.”

“In addition, they emptied the contents of dust bins on these roads and caused damage to some street lights and poles, as well as some private properties along these roads. The rioting mob also blocked the major streets, obstructing the free movement of vehicles.”

Police said the rioting was “calculated to derail the course of justice for the victims who were flogged in the Wa viral video, and we condemn it in no uncertain terms.”

By: Rainbowradioonlinr.com/Ghana

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