Transfer of our meters limited to only movable structures such as containers & kiosks- ECG clarifies

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has clarified that meter transfers are only permitted for movable structures.

Mrs. Theresa Osabutey, Director of Communications, stated that the meters can only be transferred to structures such as containers and kiosks.

She was responding to feedback that followed a publication by over the same issue.

In an interview on Frontline last week, she said: “Previously, it was illegal for tenants to remove and transfer metres from rented properties they were vacating to other locations,” she explained.

However, this is no longer the case. There are currently processes and procedures that one can follow if they want to relocate their meters.”

But clarifying the issue, she stated that ”the meter transfers are permitted for only movable structures or properties such as containers and kiosks. Such transfers can only be done within the same ECG district. Meter transfers from permanent or immovable properties ot structures are not allowed”.

She went on to say that ECG works with geographical codes that show the location of all meters, so relocating and transferring your meter to the new facility would make ECG’s job more difficult.

She emphasized that you cannot move the meter from one house to another. However, if the structure is movable and you are relocating to the same district, you can transfer. Immovable assets are excluded. However, you cannot do so on your own unless you have obtained permission from ECG”.


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