Residents in Antoa, Bonwire, & Mamponteng demand repair of death trap road

Residents in Antoa, Bonwire, and Mamponteng in the Ashanti region are outraged by the state of their road network.

The residents complained that the road’s poor condition had rendered it impassable.

According to them, the roads have developed pot wells, making it difficult to access them when it rains heavily.

A visit to the scene revealed that the situation was dire, and the road could collapse and injure road users.

Residents indicated that the area is a stronghold of the ruling government, but no one has expressed interest in repairing the road network.

Residents have also used bamboo sticks and other items to warn drivers and riders of the road’s deep cracks.

Residents emphasised that they want a fair share of the national cake.

They want the road repaired because the government has already stated that this is the year of the roads.


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