My addiction to drugs nearly killed a diabetic man because I stole his bag containing his drugs-Reformed addict

A reformed drug addict revealed that his addiction to hard drugs nearly killed a diabetic man of God.

Godwin Tagoe stated in his narration that he once attended a conference organized by the Lutheran Federation Church where he conversed with the World President.

He claimed to have struck an acquaintance with the man of God, but later took advantage of his kindness, swindled him, and stole his briefcase.

He told the host Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that despite the kindness of the man of God, he stole his briefcase, but unknown to him, the briefcase contained the drugs for his condition.

He claimed the bag also held a laptop, a BlackBerry phone, and other valuables.

“I stole his briefcase, which contained his laptop, BlackBerry phone, and, sadly, drugs. He suffered from diabetes. Every time I recount my actions, I regret them. “The man of God was on the verge of death,” he added.

He claimed that after stealing the items, he contracted Tuberculosis from sharing bunkers with other addicts who had it.

He revealed that his mother drove him to Ridge Hospital for treatment, but when she left, he went to the accounts office and demanded a refund, leaving the hospital without receiving treatment.

Godwin Tagoe said his addiction was so severe that he engaged in several criminal activities and took to prison on several occasions.

He further revealed that the man of God he stole from caught up with him after five to seven months at another event where he had gone to find another individual to swindle.

He said he was approached by one of the local pastors and was sent to Nima Police Station.

“I insulted the Commander at the Police Station because I needed the drug.” Later, he invited several news organizations to cover the story. I was summoned to court. I told the judge in court that I had done several wrongs, but that imprisoning me would be futile because I was dying. The TB had done a lot of damage to my body by that point, and I was also weak.”

He went on to say that the judge was moved by his story and sentenced him to three years in prison, but he had to spend two years in rehab.

According to him, he became so weak that he was admitted to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, where he couldn’t move or do anything on his own.

He stated that he began wearing pampers as a result of his condition, and doctors informed him that he had only a 5% chance of survival as a result of his condition.

“At the hospital, I saw 257 people die as a result of their condition. But I believe God is the best judge. I called my mother and confessed what I had done, but she told me I should die and that when I died, the family would give me a proper burial,” he added.

“However, eight days later, my mother arrived at the hospital to care for me. For a year, I was in the hospital.”

When asked how many times he had been incarcerated, the reformed addict who is currently on admission at the Chosen Rehab Centre said he had been in the police more than 90 times and sentenced to jail on five different occasions.

He also admitted to using drugs for 40 years because he had difficulty withdrawing from his addiction.


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