I’II abandon politics & become a pastor if Duffour gets 50 votes & Kweku Kobiah gets 00.01%- Dallas Ampomah

Eastern Regional Communications Officer, of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dallas Ampomah Williams, has advised an interested presidential candidate, Mr. Kweku Kobiah, a Ghanaian living in the United Kingdom, not to make that attempt.

He claimed that if the aspiring candidate enters the race, he will not even receive 00.01%.

He promised to give up his political career if he received such a high percentage.

He was speaking on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM’s Nyankonton Mu Nsem.

“If he is listening to me, he should advise himself; if he believes he has received too much money and wants to launch his political career, he should contest in the branch elections; he should not waste his money and contest because he will not be able to gather any votes.”

I’m not saying he shouldn’t run, but he’ll waste his money.

He also stated that if Dr. Kwamena Duffour receives 50 votes, he will leave politics and become a pastor.

He emphasised that “anyone who runs against Mahama will fail miserably. Such people should save their money and their embarrassment”.

“We are a democratic party, so we will not prevent anyone from running against Mahama, but they will lose badly.”

Meanwhile, he has stated that Ghana requires a saviour to rescue it from its current economic crisis.

According to his assessment, such a saviour will come from the NDC, and Ghanaians are rooting for former President John Dramani Mahama.

He stated that Mr. Mahama is the only candidate capable of rescuing Ghanaians from the inept NPP.

Any other interested party who wishes to run against Mahama would be wasting their money, and I would advise them to reconsider.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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